Project Management: The Value Test

Jay Smith
2 min readMay 5, 2020

A rather simple way to test whether or not you are progressing with task oriented projects is to apply The Value Test.

Systematically, you should be able to take various components of your project in compartmentalized chunks to assess whether or not the tasks assigned or tasks being performed hold any value for your organization or team.

The Value Test should be applied to each in order to reassess whether or not the tasks are productive or non-productive, having real value to completing project goals or having little to no value. Once those tasks are assessed, a plan can be implemented to continue the task, reorganize the task for maximum efficiency, or to discard the task altogether.

When assessing each task, ask yourself this question: Does this task have great value, good value, little value, or no value?

If a task or assignment has great value to your team and the progress of your project, there should not be too much need to change it. Proceed on as usual.

If a task has good value, look for an opportunity to tweak it, to make it better. It may be as simple as assigning to another department or person.

If a task has little value, check to see if it can be incorporated into another task, which may bolster the results of that task.

If a task has no value, and it’s within your power to make the decision of whether the task is necessary for upper management, then discard it completely.

The Value Test is an effective and quick way to test the validity of each component task related to the project. If a task has value, it is worth the resources required to maintain it… and if it doesn’t, then redeem those resources for reallocation to other valuable components of the project.

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